Andrew Lange N.D. is a Naturopathic Doctor licensed in the State of California. He served as Chair of the Department of Homeopathic Medicine and Supervising Clinical Physician at Bastyr University in Seattle. He has taught internationally and is currently the director of the Lange Research Group and in private practice in Mill Valley, California. He  specializes in the treatment of psychological, cognitive and developmental disorders.

Dr. Lange is the author of Getting to the Root: Treating the Deepest Source of Disease. He is a contributing author to A Textbook of Natural Medicine by Pizzorno and Murray, as well as Panic: Origins, Insight and Treatment by Schmidt and Warner.

Contact: connect@andrewlange.com

“Andrew Lange is a true physician and healer in the traditional sense.
When he speaks of getting at the root, he means the true core of disease
where the most serious and intractable maladies hold their deepest grip.”
Richard Grossinger, author of Planet Medicine and Embryogenesis.

I see the action of medicines in treating illness as being a function of feedback mechanisms. Just like a thermostat tells us when things are out of balance and takes action to regulate the temperature, medicines can be used to inform the body and mind when it is out of balance and work by restoring a state of equilibrium and equanimity.  It is a situation where we have been 
stuck in a certain state, often for years, and feel there is no capacity for change. Yet our bodies do have mechanisms for responding and changing most illnesses. It’s just that sometimes they require a very specific interventions. I think of myself as a sharpshooter, finding the right target and hitting the mark.

“Andrew is bringing to life with real time hard work, everything medically that I believe in and value that can transform health as we now know it. He is creating changes in practice that address the complexity of the environment, habitat, economy and all that is challenging people today for personal health.”
Lavinia Weissman

A specific approach to treatment must apply methods which are individualized
 and act as catalysts to engage the body’s own inherent self regulating 
homeostatic mechanisms. It is the same thinking when we use a lever to move a
 heavy object rather than trying to push it. We are engaging the intelligence of the
 system. This approach is catalytic, that is it creates exponentially greater change
 with the least effort. It enhances the capacity for energy and reorganization.

All systems of medicine have contributed to developing the finest standards of care. None of these can be ignored at a loss to good care. Recent contributions to science will alter our entire understanding of medicine.
 The tracking of the genome will lead to our ability to diagnose disease more 
accurately, potentially years before it manifests, leading to preventive 
approaches tailored to the individual. Our discoveries in the interrelationship of 
our immune function, from the input of intestinal bacteria, cellular functions and
 mental attitude has changed our early concepts of a  mechanical
 understanding of the body to an orchestra of communications. I hope I can present you with the best options available without prejudice.

“You saved my life, Andrew. I felt the virus “break” after one dose of the medicine you suggested. So very very grateful. This, after 3 weeks of fighting it with Chinese meds only to watch the symptoms consistently morph into something else. So many herbs, so many attempts. Your medicine was a game-changer. I felt the virus break inside of me. I turned a corner and rapidly recovered. I was on my bike for 2 hours Saturday and felt 100%. And for the record, I had a history of asthma and my oxygen saturation had dropped to 85. Forever grateful.”
T. Starr, patient